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Our Innovation team interacts in various ways with external solution providers (e.g., start-ups) and we don’t have a good way of capturing the interactions. Please let us know if your organization uses a CRM system or some other method to keep track of your interactions. 
Our organization is evaluating how we support researcher's technical learning amid execution on customer innovation programs. We are interested in hearing how other research organizations plan for and invest in continuous learning and professional development for researchers.
Our organization is moving from being customer-driven to being market-driven and we are looking at how to assess the progress of innovation in these market platforms. 
Our organization is working on a global benchmarking project and one of its final components is the development of appropriate descriptors both for functional areas and for those individuals within them.  For example, we have found that the descriptor Technology for the function comprising our material scientists and engineers is very often implied as referring to our information technology group. 
The innovation management tools market offers technologies that help organizations streamline operations for their innovation programs.  Most products offer similar core capabilities around ideation, collaboration, stage-gate workflows and reporting.  An IRI member is conducting market research around tools in this space and would like to know if IRI members are using COTS (commercially available off-the-shelf) products to capture the front end of innovation and your perception on the performance of the tools. 

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