TRACK Program

Training Resources to Acquire Competencies and Knowledge (TRACK)


The TRACK program is one of the three main foci of the new IRI – understanding the best and next practices in innovation leadership (PILOT); understanding the strategic environment in which we are operating (SPRING); and developing the capabilities of innovation teams (TRACK).


The basic concept is taking the 80+ years of innovation research and mapping it to a career. We want to use our expertise and that of our members to provide the resources needed to develop teams from a bench scientist’s first day on the job through a position of CTO or whatever their career endpoint is.


For those at the early stages of their career, we offer are our i101 course (an innovation bootcamp.) This is offered to the public or in a customized version to fit the needs of a particular company. The course covers, among other things, topics such as why corporate innovation is difficult, they discuss interesting examples of different types of innovation; key processes, important tools and working within a corporate environment. We have a half-day version coming up that we developed with Boeing. (see


For those at the pinnacle of their career we offer two CTO Forums each year. These are designed as quick in and out meetings that provide a peer-to-peer discussion on a topic of current interest. The final summary of last fall’s CTO Forum is attached.


Those in the middle of their career, identified high-potential managers, are the perfect audience for Shaping Innovation Leaders, a one-week mini-MBA, designed to turn R&D practitioners into R&D ambassadors within your corporation. At the recent CTO Forum, three CTO’s had been students at this course earlier in their career. (IRI has been offering this course for more than 60 years and updates it annually.) Shaping Innovation Leaders consistently receives a score of 9.6 out of 10 on post-course evaluations.


Between these milestones, TRACK is busy developing new programs and services. This year we entered into a partnership with Babson college that offers discounts on 17 of their innovation related courses. We have a Learning Center on our Website where we post content from our annual conferences, webinars and other content such as Skill Practices on topics such as how to run a brainstorming session. Additional content is constantly being developed.


In 2020, IRI will debut a self-assessment tool for individuals to develop mini-career paths linked to the related IRI resources. The i101 course will be offered as two regional meetings and at least one additional custom program with a member company. We will make a very small change in Shaping Innovation Leaders to reflect current challenges in international IP practices, and develop a needs assessment for learning modules to launch in 2021. We will also be refreshing our online taxonomy and improving our search engine.


TRACK is led by a committee of dedicated IRI members working to flesh out a very exciting program and who are always looking for new ideas.


Questions? Contact Victoria Kanevsky,


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