Thought Leader Interview: Sustainability Regulations, EU Deep Dive with Aaron Szabo, Senior Director at Faegre Drinker

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Audio Presentation/Podcast
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Aaron Szabo, Lee Green
Enhancing sustainability, Environmental, Supervisor, Enhance Sustainability
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Sustainability Regulations: EU Deep Dive

April 2024

Aaron Szabo, senior director at Faegre Drinker, takes a deep dive into the current regulatory landscape. Aaron provides a comprehensive update on PFAS regulations, followed by an exploration of EU regulations, including an explanation of the chemical REACH rules, the impacts they may have, and insights into the Carbon Border Adjustment and its consequences. Gain valuable insights into the evolving reporting rules emerging from the EU, the challenges posed by disparate regulations from the EU, UK, and individual US states, and a forward-looking perspective on the regulation of microplastics and what may be targeted next in the environmental regulatory landscape.

Aaron Szabo partners with clients to navigate complex environmental and energy issues. He provides advice on climate change and traditional air pollution, as well as general administrative and environmental issues. In addition, Aaron focuses on permitting to ensure that companies can build necessary infrastructure in the United States while protecting the environment and communities. His depth of experience allows Aaron to advise on environmental and energy regulations and their impact on clients’ businesses and practices, and makes him especially experienced in counseling on strategic business decisions affected by energy and environmental policies. In addition, Aaron uses his unique administrative experience to advise businesses on engaging federal agencies during the development of federal policies and rules.