Digital Transformation Case Study: Novozymes

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Case Study
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Novozymes, RTI Innovation Advisors
Digital Innovation
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Digital transformation has the power to disrupt traditional ways of working and unlock new capabilities and opportunities in practically any industry sector. In this case study, we examine the digital transformation journey of Novozymes’ research/product development flows in one of their R&D organizations. Novozymes is the global market leader in biological solutions, producing a wide range of industrial enzymes and microorganisms. Solutions span a range of applications areas from improving the filtration and flavor of beer to reducing the costs of drug production.

Research and development (R&D) have been key enablers to Novozymes’s success. Novozymes has two “layers” of R&D. The first layer—classical R&D—focuses on discovery and generation of biological diversity within enzymes and microorganisms. The second layer—application research—comprises industry-specific R&D teams working closely with Novozymes’ customers to develop and deliver commercially viable biotech solutions.

This case study focuses on the digital transformation journey of Novozymes’ Application Research (AR) organization within their Agriculture & Industrial Biosolutions (AIB) business unit.

Acknowledgments: RTI greatly appreciates the time and insights provided by Novozymes R&D digitalization leadership. Many thanks to Mads Torry Smith, Lone Dybdal Nilsson, Søren Stenz Egestad, and Robert Osborne.