Community Forum – What do you look for in roadmapping software?

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A: What do you look for in roadmapping software?

Data visualization is a key factor in Roadmapping and Portfolio Management in R&D. Tools to help with various optics are helpful and can be highly effective in decision making relative to investments and timing. Our organization is looking for suggestions on computer software packages that have been successfully utilized for this purpose.

The results from this week’s survey are below.

Community Responses


  • Milestones / revenue OL & Plan
  • Prioritization

2. What software package are you currently using to do roadmapping?

  • Mostly power points manually created
  • Internal system developed by us
  • None, ad hoc by each person

3. Are you satisfied with the software you are currently using? (Yes/No and why)

  • No, extremely onerous and inefficient process
  • No, system is not flexible to adjust business needs, improvements are time/cost consuming
  • No, no standard or suitable software used.

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