Community Forum – How have you organized centers of excellence?

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A: How have you organized centers of excellence?

Our organization is looking into establishing Centers of Excellence (CoEs) to tap into expertise across our global organization.

The results from this week’s survey are below.

Community Responses


  • Technical and business expertise
  • Some groups carry out different functions and those employees of those groups are considered members


  • a common approach doesn’t seem to be visible and understood
  • Strategic execution

4. What is the greatest benefit your company achieved by organizing a CoE the way it has?

  • great communication
  • Efficient distribution of work in terms of business opportunities and technical needs for success.
  • Speed of specific technology/manufacturing process development; responsiveness to issues.
  • Marketing insights CoE has driven organizational change
  • Easier capacity planning and portfolio management (by technology) for New Product Development projects; and an efficiency gain by making key contacts in given technologies more recognizable and accessible
  • Centralized approach and coordination; visibility and input to larger scope of projects
  • It helps focus efforts to be more effective in achieving goals and providing the structure for better accountability.

5. If you had a CoE and no longer do, what didn’t work?

  • all is going well
  • scope is too broad
  • N/A


  • Engagement tends to be later than ideal
  • Specified scores scope of CoE is too broad


  • Formal project reviews, informal participation and alignment

8. Would you like to meet with fellow IRI members to discuss CoE best practices in the future? If so, please list your name and email address below.

  • IRI members agreed to participate

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