Community Forum – Do you recommend a Voice of the Customer external partner?

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A: Do you recommend a Voice of the Customer external partner?

Our organization incorporates ‘Voice of Customer’ as part of our innovation execution process. We want to accelerate our efforts by working with external partners to help us obtain potential customer contacts / market experts to gather this data

The results from this week’s survey are below.

Community Responses

1. Our organization is looking for external partners to help with our Voice of Customer efforts. If you have a recommendation, please include their contact information below.

  • Forrester Research, Inc. 60 Acorn Park Drive, Cambridge, MA 02140
  • GLG
  • CXPA
  • Dan Adams of AIM Institute is a great source for this and also his network of experts can do the VOC interviews and research. Also companies like Daydream/Dynovel and Newry are good resources. We have used in the past.

2. If you provided a recommendation, what did you like most about their services?

  • The overall engagement with the market and helping to develop a Customer Obsession Strategy that supports socializing, informing, and measuring performance across the organization.
  • Breadth of available experts over a number of fields.
  • EDGE was a group associated with students pursuing MS in marketing. depending on the student team you have the results can be very good.
  • Professionalism and expertise.

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