AI Thought Leader Interview with Thomas Thurston, Chief Technologist, Ducera Partners and Greg Hannon, former CTO, W.L. Gore

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Lee Green, Thomas Thurston, Greg Hannon
Knowledge Transfer, Artificial Intellegence
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Enabling Data-driven Decision-making

Thomas Thurston is a Data Scientist specialized in using AI to disrupt traditional venture capital, M&A, corporate strategy and innovation. He’s Chief Technologist at Ducera Partners, a startup investment bank launched in 2016 with over $750 billion in transactions to date. He’s also Chief Technology Officer at WR Hambrecht & Co, a venture capital and investment firm. Formerly, he used data science to help guide innovation at Intel and led research at Harvard with Professor Clayton Christensen to develop predictive models for disruptive innovation. At Intel he also helped found a high performance computing business that was acquired. Thomas holds a BA, MBA, Juris Doctor and was a Fellow at the Harvard Business School.

Greg Hannon, Former CTO W.L Gore