2017 IRI Medalists

The IRI Medal, established in 1946, recognizes and honors leaders of technology for their outstanding accomplishments in technological innovation which contribute broadly to the development of industry and to the benefit of society.  This award is traditionally presented at the IRI Annual Meeting held each spring. 

In 2017, the IRI Medal was awarded to two outstanding individuals: (left) Joi Ito, MIT Media Lab and (top right) Henry Chesbrough, UC Berkeley. Pictured with Mr. Ito (left to right): John Seely Brown, Deloitte’s Center for the Edge; Joi Ito, MIT Media Lab; John Hillenbrand, Armstrong Flooring, Inc. (2016-2017 IRI Chairman). Picture with Dr. Chesbrough (left to right): Daniel Abramowicz, Crown Holdings;  Martha Colllins, HarbisonWalker International; Henry Chesbrough, UC Berkeley; John Hillenbrand, Armstrong Flooring, Inc (2016-2017 IRI Chairman).

Previous Medalists

Willis Rodney Whitney (1946) Charles Allen Thomas (1947) Garnes Slayter (1948) Vannevar Bush (1949) Frank Baldwin Jewett (1950) Randolph Thomas Major (1951) Roy Chester Newton (1952) Eger Vaughan Murphree (1953) Mervin Joe Kelly ( 1954) Ernest Henry Volwiler (1955) Victor Conquest (1956) Clifford Fred Rassweiler (1957) Elmer William Engstrom (1958) Frank Koch Schoenfeld (1959) Augustus Braun Kinzel (1960) Max Tishler (1961) Chauncey Guy Suits (1962) James Brown Fisk (1963) Ray Harold Boundy (1964) Edwin Herbert Land (1965) Paul Lawrence Salzberg (1966) Emanual Ruben Piore (1967) John Hans Dessauer (1968) Patrick Eugene Haggerty (1969) William Oliver Baker (1970) Henri Busignies (1971) Peter Carl Goldmark (1972) William Earl Shoupp (1973) Robert William Cairns (1974) James Hillier (1975) Hendrik B.G. Casimir (1976) John J. Burns (1977) Malcolm E. Pruitt (1978) Arthur M. Bueche (1979) Lewis H. Sarett (1981) Wm. Houston Armistead (1981) N. Bruce Hannay (1982) Edward E. David Jr. (1983) Harry W. Coover (1984) Ralph E. Gomory (1985) George E. Pake (1986) Ian M. Ross (1987) Abraham B. Cohen (1988) Roland W. Schmitt (1989) Edward M. Scolnick (1990) Mary L. Good (1991) John S. Mayo (1992) George H. Heilmeier (1993) Walter L. Robb (1994) John J. Wise (1995) Robert A. Frosch (1996) Donald E. Elson (1997) Arno A. Penzias (1998) John Seely Brown (1999) Gordon F. Brunner (2000) Phillip Needleman (2001) Charles W. Deneka (2002) Lewis S. Edelheit (2003) John W. Miley (2004) Paul M. Horn (2005) David O. Swain (2006) Nabil Y. Sakkab (2007) Ralph Snyderman (2008) Norman R. Augustine (2009) Nicholas M. Donofrio (2010) Uma Chowdhry (2011) F. Emil Jacobs (2012) Robert S. Langer (2013) George M. Whitesides (2013) Joseph DeSimone (2014) Subra Suresh (2015) Peter H. Diamandis (2016) Vinton G. Cerf (2016) Henry Chesbrough (2017) Joichi Ito (2017) Yann LeCun (2018)
Leroy Hood (2019)
David Wineland (2020)