The IRI Quarterly Trends Analyzer examines the strategic environment in which innovation and R&D take place and flags up trends that you should factor into your strategic planning.  At the end of each quarter, trends are examined by the IRI Foresights Advisory Board and assessed for their potential impact on innovation.  In this report, key trends are described and vital questions you should ask yourself as you conduct your strategic planning are listed.  In addition, we include some additional trends at the end of each report that we will keep an eye on to see how they will be impacting innovation.  
April 2024 ReportTrends:
– The dangers of unregulated AI
– What are the ramifications of food inflation?
– How will Gen Z impact the workplace?
January 2024 ReportTrends:
– Flipping the script on plastics
– Shifting retirement expectations and what it may mean for the workforce
– Will the freedom of speech debate impact industry?
October 2023 ReportTrends:
– Can we finally achieve AI regulation?
– Resisting a return to office
– Labor action gains steam
July 2023 ReportTrends:
– The European Union as global regulator?
– The hard work begins for AI
– Can the US staff a manufacturing resurgence?
April 2023 ReportTrends:
– Governments and industry at (even more) loggerheads over sustainability
– AI reworking the way we work
– Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) accountability spike
– Innovation ecosystems remapped