Community Forum – How has innovation changed at your organization?

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A: How has innovation changed at your organization?

In 2011, IRI launched the IRI2038 Futures Study to focus on one specific question: How might future trends, developments, and events impact the art and science of research and technology management over the next 25 years? This project examined hundreds of trends, weak signals, and implications to develop four future scenarios and a ‘Top Ten’ of potential future trends and themes. What scenarios are still on track? What did the project get wrong? And what does this mean for the future of innovation?

Check out the scenario infographics below and read the original IRI 2038 Future Study Report.

The results from this week’s survey are below.

Community Responses


  • Competitors
  • Service laboratories

5. What is the biggest barrier to R&D creating innovation and value for the organization right now?

  • Ability to scale innovations
  • Reduced budget for personnel resources in 2023
  • Resources and workforce limitations
  • Focus on expanding core vs new technologies
  • Budget
  • finding larger innovation areas in our mature industry, for which customers are willing to pay for
  • High pressure favoring short-term & defensive activities over more valuable innovations
  • Stability of workforce
  • R&D Resource allocation to projects that maintain/defend the existing portfolio vs. new/new-Ansoff developments
  • finding talent that has the specific skill sets needed for our technology spaces

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