Community Forum – How do you manage sustainable projects?

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A: How do you manage sustainable projects?

An intern graduate student at an IRI member company is studying how industry manages sustainable projects. The following survey was to collect information on how companies are managing their projects and will support their thesis paper.

The results from this week’s survey are below.

Community Responses

2. Indicate the location of the company where you work

  • Asia Pacific
  • Global company … about 40 countries
  • Tennessee
  • Global
  • Ohio
  • United States
  • Colorado
  • New Jersey

3. Indicate your position within the company

  • Senior R&D Manager
  • Facilitator
  • Architect
  • CTO
  • Corporate Innovation Technology Manager
  • Director
  • Director, R&D and Sustainability
  • sustainability leader in my organization
  • Innovation group
  • Senior Director, Enterprise Packaging


  • Reducing resource use (energy, water, etc.)
  • Investing in Infrastructure
  • Formulation changes to reduce reliance on undesirable chemistries
  • introduction of new products/technology development


  • withdrawal
  • But this became a priority over time.
  • Lack of available new technologies to meet the targets.
  • lack of customer engagement in sustainable offerings / acceptance of trade-offs
  • There are often conflicting requirements and/or conflicting customer expectations, we must be careful we do not compromise other requirements or product expectations

10. In addition to the information provided, are there any other elements you consider useful and/or clarifications you would like to provide?

  • The importance grew as our customers and shareholders applied pressure over the years.
  • Sustainability/circular economy is a major growth strategy for the company
  • In a large company it is sometimes a challenge to get everyone on board and going the same direction.
  • ROI definition and clarification required

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