Community Forum – What portfolio management software do you use?

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A: What portfolio management software do you use?

An IRI member was looking for new portfolio management software and would like to understand the tools that you use, why you chose them, and if they’re working for you. IRI members shared their tools and feedback about them in a short survey. 

Their responses are below.

Community Responses


  • Power Steering (Upland)
  • SharePoint
  • Sciforma Vantage
  • Internally built Power App
  • In-house design


  • Ease of implementation, customization
  • Easy to use
  • All above plus flexibility of configuration
  • Initial rationale unknown, tool was introduced 20 years ago
  • Functionality
  • Known software
  • Ability to edit project data within a portfolio view


  • We do manual analysis and data/chart creation.

Would you recommend this product to others?

  • Year 2 – still trying to decide
  • Yes (5 responses)
  • Yes, with the modifications that make it more user friendly.
  • No. We use it for our current scale and for Power BI dashboard reporting. We are looking to implement a better system in the future.
  • Scale of our number of projects allows us to manually perform portfolio management across the company. We do use StageGate for individual project management, but the portfolio view is done more manually based on our own criteria.
  • No, it is too bespoke and requires a lot of maintenance.