R&D in the New Normal

Initiated:  January 2021

Expected completion:  Spring 2023

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Next event:  Roundtable discussion and research update - Tuesday, April 20, 12pm ET.  Request an invitation.

IRI and Babson College have teamed up to conduct a longitudinal study on the impact that the coronavirus pandemic is having on R&D and innovation management.  The project will focus on the following areas:

  1. Impact on R&D effectiveness​

  2. R&D execution: Delivering value  ​

  3. Maintaining R&D organizational culture and employee engagement ​

  4. Managing R&D remotely ​

  5. Maintaining and developing R&D knowledge and expertise in the long term 

Research will be conducted in the following three ways:

  1. Quarterly roundtable discussions​

    • Feedback and additional topic discussions​

  2. Surveys​

    • Conducted by IRI throughout the project to benchmark and collect key data points​

  3. Interviews ​

    • Conducted on a set schedule by Babson throughout the project to go in depth on the changes innovation practitioners are seeing

The research will result in several report outs at IRI events and an article in our journal, RTM.

Participants:  This project is currently recruiting IRI members to join the IRI PILOT Steering Committee and Gina O'Connor, Sebastian Fixson, and Jonathan Sims from Babson College in this research.

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