Partnerships Cancellation Policy

By signing your partnership contract, you agree to abide by all regulations set by IRI, including not using the attendee list for solicitation purposes, with the exception of what is allowed per partnership agreement. Partner also agrees not to entertain conference attendees during event hours or otherwise entice attendees away from scheduled events. You have read, understand, and agree to abide by IRI’s “Participation Principles” and “Code of Conduct” and agree to allow IRI to use photographs/video, which may include your likeness, in a variety of media formats, to market future IRI programs/events.
IRI reserves the right to refuse a potential partner for any reason including, but not limited to, questionable business practices or those having a mission directly in conflict with IRI’s mission. In the event Partner fails to comply with one or more partnership deliverable dates, IRI will have no obligation to supply the benefits or make available opportunities associated with such dates. Under no circumstance will IRI be liable to Partner for any amount greater than the Partner Fee paid by Partner. Partner will indemnify and hold harmless IRI for any liability to any third party arising from use or distribution by IRI of material supplied by Partner in accordance with contract. This contract constitutes the entire agreement between parties. This contract will be construed under Virginia law and all disputes will be exclusively resolved in courts in Virginia. Partners are required to stay at the event hotel during the conference. If a partner fails to book a room at the hotel, IRI may cancel the contract, without refund. If IRI must cancel the 2020 Annual Conference due to the COVID-19 pandemic, event partners will receive a full refund.