IRI Networks Program

IRI’s Networks bring practitioners together to explore member-chosen topics through a combination of peer presentations, interactive roundtables, guest speakers, and workshops. Unlike the more traditional conference format, these sessions have limited seats and are designed to be highly interactive. Attendees have the opportunity to share pain points and troubleshoot with their peers, allowing them to return to the office with specific steps and strategies in hand.

There are currently six Networks in this program, each of which focuses on a different function of innovation and R&D. Each Network has their own agenda, as well as several opportunities to engage with others in various joint sessions. This approach allows topics to be examined from various perspectives and gain a deeper understanding of how it impacts different departments within a company.

Click here to view the recorded sessions from our Virtual 2021 Spring Networks Conference.

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Who joins a Network?​

"I have been involved with the IRI and IRI Networks for  a large portion of my industrial career.  I have always found the ability to network with a diverse set of professionals from industry, academia, research institute and government sponsored research organizations to be a very rewarding experience. It has been amazing to learn the different approaches organizations use to address issues we have in common and these differing approaches open up new avenues for the organizations I have represented over the years."  -Ed Getty, Former ETN Co-Chair, Mars, Inc.