IRI Mobile

IRI Mobile is the hub for all IRI news, alerts, and events.  Download once and access all IRI news, updates, and events on your mobile device.

Get the App

  1. Search "IRI Mobile" in iTunes App Store or Google Play or, 
  2. Type or in your mobile device browser to find the app in your app store.

Key Features

  • View entire event agendas
  • Create a personalized schedule
  • Research and find exhibitors
  • Take session notes
  • Rate sessions and provide feedback
  • Access conference maps
  • Get up-to-the minute alerts
  • View membership directory
  • Network with colleagues

Member Testimonials

"Great access to presentations and schedule"

"Access to so much IRI related data, especially member contacts"

"[I liked] the ability to view presentations live as the speaker was presenting."

"Everything I needed was in one place. This was fantastic."