WEBINAR: Industry Perspectives - Balancing working remotely and in the lab

Lou Gritzo, FM Global; Lee Clark-Sellers, Cornerstone Building Brands; Julie Williams-Byrd, NASA Langley
Virtual panel discussion
Friday November 20, 2020 12:00pm1:00pm

The pandemic has changed the calculations that organizations use to determine their on-site and remote staffing.  Hear how other organizations are determining their staffing, particularly how they are handling individuals who need to do lab-based work.  We will explore the impacts on productivity, the use of new tools, and the changes that have been made to labs as a result of social distancing requirements.  We will also look to the future and discuss the long term effects these changes will have on lab-based research.

Lou Gritzo, VP, Research, FM Global
Lee Clark-Sellers:  Innovation Officer, Cornerstone Building Brands
Julie Williams-Byrd:  Center Chief Technologist, NASA Langley