TRACK Workshop: Market-Back Strategy

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Strategic Planning, New Product Development, Customer Insight, Trends

This course is designed to provide a framework for B2B organizations to develop and articulate winning strategies by applying a core set of strategic concepts. If your organization is looking for growth or improving its strategic thinking, this course is for you. Market-Back Strategy will build your foundational knowledge. This workshop will focus on three key concept areas:  What is Strategy? Market Segmentation and Developing a Value Proposition.  Participants will learn how to apply a framework to select examples and concepts to clarify key points.  Throughout the session, participants will also apply these core principles to relevant scenarios to master the concepts.  The application of these concepts will be through real insights, not a series of fill-in-the-blank templates. Properly defining strategy and completing a disciplined process for turning ideas into workable business models is essential for strategic growth.  Segmentation is the heart of strategic marketing when used in combination with customer value. This approach will allow your organization to make fully informed decisions to allocate resources against the most attractive opportunities.  Developing a good value proposition crystalizes your strategic advantage and is the foundation for how you engage with customers and what you deliver to them.  This course is built on over two decades of experience with over 1200 project teams across five continents.  This background provides depth and breadth of experience to ensure these concepts can be applied across different industries, market positions, challenges, and technologies.  


  • What is Strategy?
    • Definition
    • Myths about Strategy
    • The Strategic Sweet Spot
    • Impact
  • Market-Back Framework
  • Overview of Customer Value
    • Customer Problem You Solve
    • Value Equation
  • Segmentation
    • Why Should You Segment Your Market?
    • What Is Segmentation?
    • How to Segment a B2B Market
    • Practical Tips for Segmenting
    • Application & Testing
  • Value Proposition
    • Value Proposition Framework
    • Case Study
    • Value Proposition Evaluation
    • Application
    • Value Proposition Traps
  • Pulling It All Together

The session will include breakout sessions that will allow you to work with the tools and techniques necessary in order to evaluate a mutual understanding of the program. You will also be able to build connections with other participants. 

Who should attend:
This course is designed for business leaders responsible for leading or contributing to strategy or strategic planning within their organization. Leaders and individual contributors will gather relevant skills to apply in their day-to-day roles.

Registration Fees: 

IRI Members: $295

Non Members: $395 

Due to limited seating, we request that you cancel at least 48 hours before a scheduled class. This gives us the opportunity to fill the class. However, if you do not cancel prior to the 48 hours, you will lose the payment for the class.

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Lee Ann Cochran

Lee Ann Cochran


Amphora Consulting

Lee Ann Cochran, partner with Amphora Consulting, spent nearly 20 years in corporate workplaces across the aerospace, defense, start-up and non-profit industries after earning a BS in Materials Science & Engineering from The Ohio State University. Her career experience spans multiple organizational sectors, including research, process scaling, manufacturing, proposal development, commercialization, business development, sales, marketing, licensing, and market strategy.

As an agent for change, Lee Ann serves on the boards of the Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI), the Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence (OAESV) and is the immediate Past President of the Women in Engineering ProActive Network (WEPAN) Board.  She is a prior Board member of the Innovation Research Interchange (IRI).
Lee Ann’s advocacy earned her Battelle’s recognition as a 2014 Women’s History Month honoree for championing ideas to drive change and shape the future and the Outstanding Soroptimist Award in 2016 with Soroptimist of Columbus and Franklin County. She has also been honored for her excellence in leadership, strategy and sales by organizations including Women for Economic Leadership Development (Women You Should Know, 2014), Smart Business (Progressive Woman in Cleveland, 2017), and WEPAN (President’s Award, 2018).
A TEDx speaker and author of Perspectives: Authenticity in the Workplace, Lee Ann travels globally to deliver keynote presentations and workshops delivering the Amphora Grassroots Strategy program and supporting employers who value diversity, equity and inclusion while creating a positive work environment.

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