Digital Transformation Community January Thought Leader Interview: Cliff Tironi

Cliff Tironi, Executive Vice President – Client Success & Strategic Sales, Thinaer
Thursday January 21, 2021 12:00pm

Join IRI's Lee Green and Cliff as they discuss building effective partnerships, digitalization success stories and challenges, and next steps as technology moves forward at lightning speed.

Cliff Tironi is EVP of Client Success & Strategic Sales at Thinaer, an IoT platform that integrates actionable data from highly-calibrated sensors and real-time stakeholder feedback to give organizations unparalleled insight into their operations, predictive analytics to see the future, and consultative business process redesign to get improved results. Thinaer empowers digital transformation by using the assets an organization already owns and engaging the people who matter most to an organization. Cliff was a co-creator of Thinaer’s real-time feedback platform, which is the core tool utilized in driving their digital transformation consulting. Cliff is a data visualization enthusiast and resides in Philadelphia, PA.

Bryan Merckling, CEO

Bryan helped shape the online supply chain management industry while leading Bryan then helped create Webify as co-founder and COO where a new class of cross business and cross application integration was invented. Webify was acquired by IBM where Bryan then directed worldwide software strategy. Bryan’s strategy team at IBM was one of the first to identify the emerging market that is known today as The Internet of Things. Today, he is CEO of Thinaer, a leading edge IoT company that he founded with the intent to change healthcare and other highly regulated industries.