Webinar: Armstrong® ACOUSTIBuilt™: A Case History in Agile Innovation

This video & power point presentation is a description of ACOUSTIBuilt™ Innovation, how the R&D team was compiled, typical sprints & scrums and their results as well as the iterative learnings during the ramp-up and launch of the ACOUSTIBuilt™ product.  They will gain insight as to how the team was trained and the subtle differences between waterfall project management and Agile Project Management that helped with the successful development .  The Agile approach and the Agile manifesto as applied to this building product innovation will be described so that the audience can learn how to adapt Agile methods to their own specific projects.

IRI members can watch the recording of the webinar here: https://www.pathlms.com/iri-learningcenter/events/401/video_presentations/161373