Technology Innovation Companies Find Value in IRI Membership

Technology Innovation Companies Find Value in IRI Membership


New Content Offerings Enhance the Speed of IRI’s Growth

Arlington, VA (August 21, 2014): As the only association acting in support of technology innovation managers across every industry, it is no surprise the Industrial Research Institute (IRI) is experiencing a period of healthy growth in its membership. In July, eight new companies joined, putting the final member count just over 200, mostly from the Fortune 500 list. IRI’s relevance to R&D managers has boomed in recent years as industries look horizontally to confront challenges that were previously done in-house and as the need for effective collaboration becomes paramount for large, established R&D firms.

The recent slate of new members comes from a variety of technology companies. These additions are the Barnes Group (NYSE: B), a global R&D company primarily producing industrial and aerospace technologies, Cabot Corporation (NYSE: CBT), which specializes in performance materials, ClearSign Combustion (NASDAQ: CLIR), an energy R&D firm focusing on combustion engines, Diageo (NYSE: DEO), a premium drinks business with a collection of alcoholic beverages ranging from beers and wines to spirits, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, one of Canada’s leading polytechnic institutes, Novozymes, a Danish biotech company, Saudi Aramco, an international oil and gas company, and SKF USA, Inc. (NYSE: SKF), a technology provider with specialties in bearings, lubricants, seals, mechatronics, and general technology services.

“IRI was founded to help technology managers collaborate in order to solve the unique challenges they face,” said Ed Bernstein, IRI president. “When technology companies encounter our association, our content, and the value of the relationships we help them establish, it makes joining our organization self-evident.”

For more than 75 years, IRI’s content offerings have been a key driver of its success. Several new offerings are being cultivated to capitalize on the association’s recent Diamond Jubilee. IRI’s flagship research platform, Research-on-Research (ROR), for instance, is introducing a set of unique projects to new and existing members. These include an exploration of innovation culture, pragmatic analytics in risk management, talent management under the “Hollywood Model,” sustainability-driven innovation, managing teams remotely, and even augmented reality device uses in industrial settings.

“The ROR platform of projects provides significant value to IRI members,” said Dan Abramowicz, IRI Chair and Executive Vice President of Technology and Regulatory Affairs at Crown Holdings. “Members get a chance to tackle challenges they think are unique to their industry or company and end up learning that they share similar experiences by developing a set of insights and best practices alongside R&D managers from other industries. There is no better demonstration of the power of cross-industry collaboration than ROR.”

The eight companies joining IRI this summer bring with them a broad and diverse skill set. With these companies and the other 200 organizations that are members of this long-lived association, IRI is positioned to deliver rich and meaningful content this year and beyond.

Based in Arlington, Virginia, IRI represents over 200 technological R&D organizations. It networks leading practitioners of R&D management in order to strengthen technological innovation. IRI is a member of the World Federation of Industrial Research Associations (W-FIRA), a collaboration of six similar organizations around the world working towards a common goal: enhancing the effectiveness of technological innovation and R&D management.

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