RTM - Volume 64, Issue 2: March-April 2021

News and Analysis of the Global Innovation Scene

Biden Prepares His Agenda for Science and Technology
By Peter Gwynne
Cooling People, Not Air
By Manny Frishberg
Boosting Food Supply Safety with Sensors
By Renee Stern
Wrangling Over EU Research Funding
By John Blau

From the Editor

Jim Euchner 


Jim Euchner interviews Bill Clancey

The IRI Medal


Feature Articles

Desirée Ukobitz & Rita Faullant
Marcie Zaharee, Laura Buen Abad, Preeti Chandra, Candee Krautkramer, Stewart Mehlman, Joel Schall & Kathryn Trauth Taylor
Yuwen Liu & Robert T. Keller
Jason Li-Ying, Juliette Forneris, Søren Bang Korsholm, Arne Jensen & Nikolaj Zangenberg

Innovation for Innovators

Roger Smith


Tammy McCausland

Innovation C-Scape