RTM - Preferred Futures--Foresight to Address Social Imperatives

More companies are realizing they have a role to play in solving some of the most critical problems of our time. Sustainability, social justice, and community development are now in scope for corporate innovation, planning, and R&D. In fact, innovative solutions to these larger environmental, social, and governmental (ESG) initiatives can be good both for society and for the bottom line of the companies that bring them to market. But traditional scenario-based approaches to foresight may not be enough to identify and support these new areas of focus, because they are built to help companies respond to any future that may
arise, rather than pointing to ways to influence the future that does emerge. Embracing systems thinking and “hard visions”—visions of the future based not on hope but on careful evaluation of emergent change—can help companies develop plans to pursue ESG initiatives that will yield both meaningful change and real profit.



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Volume 63, Issue 1, January-February, 2020