Member Summit 2014- STEM Accomplishments

STEM Accomplishments & Plans in IRI Member Companies
Ted Wells, Chief Strategy Officer, STEMconnector(R)
Patrick Barnes, Program Director, Global STEM, Deere & Co.
Mark Matlock, Senior Vice President, Food Research, Archer Daniels Midland

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) has become a national “buzzword” for many people. Several IRI Member Companies are committed to STEM programs that are showing relevance and impact to their future success, especially in helping to provide the global technology workforce for the future. In this session you will: 

•    Learn how IRI Member Companies form, fund and organizationally implement their STEM programs 
•    Understand the business cases for and economic impacts of STEM programs 
•    Hear examples of relevant, significant results and hear specific recommendations 
•    Collect ideas, resources and tools for developing or enhancing STEM programs in your company

Keywords: STEM programs, global technology workforce, future trends