Daniel Abramowicz, Crown Holdings, Named Chairman of Industrial Research Institute

New Members to the Board of Directors also named at Annual Meeting

Boston, MA (May 22, 2014) -  Dr. Daniel A. Abramowicz, Executive Vice President, Technology and Regulatory Affairs, Crown Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CCK), was named chairman of the board of directors of the Industrial Research Institute (IRI) at their Annual Meeting in Boston, MA. The ceremonial passing of the gavel was held yesterday evening in the Sheraton Boston Hotel during an awards ceremony honoring this year’s IRI Medalist.


“As we move beyond the 75th anniversary endeavors of last year, we are lucky to have Dan’s skilled and thoughtful leadership helping us identify and capitalize on new opportunities,” said Ed Bernstein, IRI President. “Dan brings a richness and depth to our conversations about effective R&D management. We look forward to his tenure as IRI chairman.”


As Executive Vice President of Crown Holdings, an IRI member company since 2000, Dr. Abramowicz is responsible for global innovation and technology development across Crown’s business platforms. These efforts include new product design, new process development, product and process improvements, material developments, engineering, process monitoring, database management, standard setting, and cost reductions across the breadth of Crown’s packaging products. In addition to his role as EVP, Dr. Abramowicz also heads Crown’s Health and Safety Organization and Crown’s Sustainability Initiative.


“As an active contributor at IRI for over 14 years, I can state with confidence that this organization is one of the most unique and valuable sources of ideas and improvements for professionals like myself,” said Dr. Abramowicz. “IRI has actively contributed to my own success as well as to Crown’s and I am proud to have the opportunity to give back to such an invaluable organization.”


Prior to joining Crown, Dr. Abramowicz began developing his leadership as a Technical Director at GE’s Global Research Center. While there he was responsible for technology development across GE’s Industrial and Consumer Businesses. Dr. Abramowicz received his B.S. degree in Chemistry and his B.A. degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from St. Francis University, and his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Physical Chemistry from Princeton University. During his time with GE, he was also an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Biology at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Dr. Abramowicz has recently been recognized with two honors for alumni, being elected to the Andrew Fleming West Society of Princeton University and with St. Francis University’s Distinguished Alumnus Award in Science.


Dr. Abramowicz is the acting Chairman of IRI as of May 21, 2014. Dr. Martha J. Collins, Director, Global Technology Centers, Air Products, becomes IRI’s immediate Past Chair. Dr. Tom Kavassalis, Vice President, Strategy and Alliances, The Xerox Innovation Group, becomes Chairman-Elect. Dr. John B. Hillenbrand, Jr., Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, Owens Corning, becomes Vice Chairman.


Other new board directors taking office on May 21 include: • Dr. Joseph R. Fox, Director, Emerging & External Technologies, Ashland, Inc. • Dr. Louis Gritzo, Vice President & Manager of Research, FM Global • Mr. Mark Matlock, Senior Vice President, Food Research, Archer Daniels Midland • Dr. Richard I. Michelman, CTO, Michelman, Inc. • Dr. Karen Milley, Vice President, R&D, The J.M. Smucker Company • Dr. John F. Reid, Director, Enterprise Product Technology and Innovation, Deere & Co.


Board directors continuing their terms include: • Ms. Virginia Brandt, General Manager, RD&E, Energizer • Dr. Raymond Cosner, Director, Technology Strategy Execution, Boeing—Phantom Works • Dr. John Evans, Corporate Vice President, International Engineering & Technology, Lockheed Martin Corporation • Mr. E. Jefferson Hynds, Director, Innovation, Ingersoll Rand • Dr. Spencer Pugh, Vice President & General Manager, Battelle Energy & Environment • Mr. Douglas Smith, Senior Vice President & CTO, The Timken Company


About the Industrial Research Institute (IRI)

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