Community Forum - The Use of AA, including A.I., in research and development (R&D) functions and applications.

As part of on-going efforts to build a digital transformation (DXN) community, IRI is engaging its members to explore different aspects of DXN. We would like to engage IRI members in a brief survey on the evolution and adoption of advanced analytics (AA) as part of this initiative. AA refers to computational methods and tools to transform “big” data into actionable insight to enable better decision-making and mitigate future risks. Tools include, big data mining, forecasting, pattern matching, modelling and simulation, and artificial intelligence (machine learning, natural language processing, etc.). We have seen increase use of AA across multiples business domains - marketing, finance, customer service, human resources, and more.

This survey is specifically interested in the use of AA, including A.I., in research and development (R&D) functions and applications. Examples may include - advanced applied statistics and data discovery; physics-based modelling; computational chemistry/formulation; cognitive, predictive, or autonomous operations, etc.







this survey was conducted in 2019