Community Forum - R&D in the 'New Normal' (part 2)

IRI and Babson College have teamed up to conduct a longitudinal study on the impact that the coronavirus pandemic is having on R&D and innovation management.  In order to understand these impacts over time, we will be conducting a series of surveys over the next two years, tracking such key issues as productivity, morale, culture, collaboration, and communication. 
As compared to pre-pandemic times, what different steps are you taking when you launch a new project?
  • Main difference is use of Microsoft teams for collaboration.  It was previously deployed, but used less.  Now, it's the standard.
  • Setting up small goals.
  • More deliberate and interactive charter development.
  • More frequent meetings are occurring to bring sub-teams together and to develop engagement plans.
  • More detailed project charters signed by stakeholders, extended steering committees.
  • Being more intentional about meeting agendas, including introduction time in initial meetings, circulating meeting minutes afterwards. Request people turn on their webcams. We are also driving a more structured problem solving approach.
  • More "camera on" interactions with people who live remotely.
  • Using Microsoft Teams rich sites.
  • Virtual meetings
  • Remains the same.
  • Flexibility in terms of launch date.
  • Nothing significant
  • From face-to-face meetings to virtual ones; more structured use of digital platforms for exchange. (MS Whiteboard, Teams,...)
  • No major change, except our Project Managers are more dependent upon virtual kick-off meetings.
  • Nothing different.  Maybe some additional alignment meetings.
  • Not much change.
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