Community Forum - How does your R&D team manage compliance?

The laws, rules, and regulations of the markets we play in are constantly changing.  How does your R&D team and greater organization handle this work load?  Are certain functional groups responsible for specific compliance and product stewardship work streams? 

7. Do you have a dashboard that is communicated to upper management related to compliance issues? If yes, what items are addressed?

  • Yes, plants audited, number of letters of guaranty provided, number of new raw materials reviewed.
  • No, but we have routine (quarterly) executive updates.
  • Emissions, water use
  • Only Safety and Environmental
  • Yes, it includes # of products for a particular compliance mandate (such as ROHS) and indicates % that comply, % that don't comply and % that are unknown and require investigation.
  • No (two responses)

8.  In the last five years, how many R&D projects have you initiated based off of new rules, laws, and regulations?

  • 50
  • > 10
  • At least 2
  • At least 10
  • Many, mostly small adaptation projects to move existing products into compliance of updated or new standards
  • > 6


This survey was conducted in 2019