Chevron Executive Shares Global Technology Insights


Chevron Executive Shares Global Technology Insights


John W. McDonald, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Opens IRI 2012 Conference

Indian Wells, CA, May 8, 2012 – In his opening keynote at the Industrial Research Institute’s (IRI) 2012 Annual Meeting, “Driving Growth: Here, There and Everywhere,” John W. McDonald, Vice President and CTO of Chevron Corp., provided a fresh look at how his company applies a combination of strategic investments, partnerships, and in-house research throughout their global value chain to drive technology innovation, development and deployment.

As a global energy corporation, Chevron has a unique approach to technology, shaped by its culture and involvement in the entire energy value chain. “New ideas can come from anywhere, from any industry, at any time,” McDonald said. “The key is to systematically identify, develop and deliver the right ideas and the right technologies, at the right time – to intersect with business needs.”

The 2012 IRI Annual Meeting has been abuzz with the ideas discussed during McDonald’s presentation. “John always presents truly cutting edge thinking when it comes to the field of innovation management,” said Ed Bernstein, IRI President. “His keynote address and the other presentations at this meeting serve as the spark for so many interesting conversations it is obvious why the innovation leaders here today wanted this content.”

Given the current focus on a rebounding global economy, many organizations are now trying to understand how best to fast track themselves to a more rapid recovery. This year’s conference theme has captivated the 400+ innovation professionals in attendance with new and invigorating ideas of how to do just that. Mr. McDonald’s presentation kicks off a program covering daily themes of the front end of innovation and the back—innovation execution as well as the topic of serial innovators.

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