Announcing a New Partnership with Babson College

The Innovation Research Interchange (IRI) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Babson College to further advance the field of innovation leadership. This new collaboration between Babson and IRI will facilitate and conduct research into questions that advance the field and then disseminate the results to the IRI membership and the scholarly community.


Building on the model of IRI’s Research on Research (ROR), under this agreement, IRI and Babson will be:

  1. Designing studies to address research questions based upon input from the PILOT Steering Committee, and IRI members;
  2. Including SMEs and other individuals whose input can further the goals of the project;
  3. Conducting case studies, thought leader interviews, and distributing and analyzing surveys; and
  4. Obtaining input from IRI members to support the projects.


The agreement grew out of IRI’s longstanding collaboration with Professor Gina O’Connor who recently moved to Babson College. IRI and Professor O’Connor plan to expand on our relationship which has led to books such as Grabbing Lightning and Beyond the Champion and attract other Babson faculty to conduct research with IRI members. Babson will also be developing Executive Education programs from the research and offering all IRI members discounts on the registration fees.

Often referred to as the "Entrepreneur's College", Babson is renowned for immersing its students in the entrepreneurial lifestyle and culture. Babson is also notable for its Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship course, in which every enrolled first-year student starts, runs and dissolves a company. Babson is on the U.S. News & World Report rankings as the number one college in entrepreneurship education and has been for nearly three decades.

This collaboration is the latest program offered by IRI under its PILOT (Practices in Innovation Leadership and Talent) initiative. PILOT manages IRI’s portfolio of cutting-edge research into the best and next practices in innovation leadership. IRI is the only organization undertaking the important research necessary to advance the field of innovation leadership.