2020 Virtual Annual Conference - Agile Design Hardwired into a 150-year Old Company: Case Study about Campbell Soup

Consumers have long demanded 5 simple things in the food they buy and consume. It has to be safe, nutritious, delicious, accessible and affordable. The modern day food system has been built around 150 years of  advances in science to provide an ever higher degree of delivery against these benefits. In the past decade,  however, consumers have fundamentally shifted their purchasing criteria around their perception of “safe”, providing an ever higher degree of scrutiny on what is in their food and how it is grown and processed. The food industry is now challenged with maintaining the upward trajectory of delivery against those five benefits, but with an ingredient toolbox that is limited to ingredients that are recognizable and desirable. At the same time, changes in food trends have accelerated, requiring rapid design capabilities for companies to keep pace.

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